Traditional Latin Mass in Edmonton 

Offering pastoral care for Catholics of the Archdiocese of Edmonton who desire and wish to unite themselves to the traditional, extraordinary form of the Roman rite. 

You May now register for Sunday Masses using the link below. Please read the instructions first.

Register for Sunday Mass Mass Times


Sunday 25th April

There will only be 3 masses on Sunday 25th April. The St. Edmund's 5:15pm mass is cancelled.

Adult Catechism and Apologetic

Adult Catechism class will begin on Friday April 30th. They will meet every Friday after that unless told otherwise

Apologetic class will begin on Wednesday 5th May. They will meet every other Wednesday unless told otherwise

Both courses will take place on Zoom. Further info on how to join will be coming soon.


Stations of the Cross and Friday evening Mass have ended now that lent is over.

Please refer to the mass times for the full mass schedule

Holy Week and Easter Mass Schedule

Maundy Thursday - 1st April --- 7:00 pm - at Assumption

Good Friday - 2nd April ---2:15 pm Stations of the Cross followed by 3:00 pm Service- at Resurrection

Easter Vigil - 3rd April --- 11:00 pm - at Resurrection

Easter - 4th April --- 12:30 pm - at Assumption --- 1:45 pm - at Assumption --- 4:00 pm at St. Edmund's --- 5:15 pm at St. Edmund's


February 20

The Lenten Stations of the Cross will be starting Friday, February 26 at 6:45 pm at Assumption Catholic Parish.

Beginning Friday March 5th, Mass will be added at 6 pm followed by the Stations.

December 9th

- By Alberta guidelines (Dec 8th) the number of faithful allowed in church buildings has dropped to 15% fire code capacity.  This is less than 70 for Assumption church and about 50 for St. Edmund's church.

- A reminder that masks are mandatory for everybody who enters the church building. The CMOH order 38-2020 dated 24th of November sections 26 and 27 are still in effect, which detail the mandate and the exemptions.   https://open.alberta.ca/publications/cmoh-order-38-2020#summary

November 22nd

- Starting on the First Sunday of Advent (29th Nov) we will have a 4th mass on Sundays. This will take pace at St. Edmund's at 5:15pm.

Mass Times here

- We are now having a holy hour with exposition and benediction every Thursday after the 5:30pm mass (approx. 6:15pm). During which confessions are offered.

From the 29th 0f November onward registration for Sunday masses is open to everyone. This is because we believe with 4 masses we can now accommodate everyone who would like to come and join themselves to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary.

The link for registration is above or you may click here. Only those who are registered may attend the mass. Please read instructions before registering.

The 12:30 pm and 1:45 pm masses at Assumption and 4 pm and 5:15pm (starting Nov 29th) masses at St. Edmund's are confirmed and registration is now open. All masses will be low masses without distribution of communion.

Week-day masses are first come first served. Everyone so far who has come has been able to attend mass. I don't foresee more that the maximum occupancy attending our week-day masses for now.

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 Fr. Botta and Fr. Blust